Floyd 0.7 - ukazała się nowa wersja silnika szachowego

Floyd - silnik szachowy UCI



Autor o wersji 0.7

  • Strength increase of about 150 elo at fast time controls
  • Full UCI support: pondering, mate & node limited search, searchmoves
  • Slightly improved pawn and passer evaluation
  • Stopping of search after having established the shortest mate
    Under the hood:
  • Some workarounds for pondering under cutechess-cli 0.8.0 beta
  • Implementation of "moves [ depth <ply> ]" command
  • Mate distance pruning
  • Simple killers
  • Simple cut node reductions
  • Simple lazy move generation in scout
  • Simple static exchange evaluation (SEE)
  • Faster evaluation tuning using multiprocessing and quadratic fitting
  • General code cleanup, such as the removal of needless SAN output code

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