Stockfish 16050509 - nowa wersja silnika

Stockfish - silnik szachowy UCI

Poprzednie wersje Stockfish 

Autor kompilacji - Alain SAVARD

Informacje o wersji:

Timestamp: 1462557897 

Unsafe checks 

Introducing a new multi-purpose penalty related to King safety, which 
includes all kind of potential checks (from unsafe or unavailable 
squares currently occupied by some other piece) 

This will indirectly detect and reward some pins, discovered checks, and 
motifs such as square vacation, or rook behind its pawn and aligned with 
King (example Black Rg8, g7 against Kg1), 
and penalize some pawn blockers (if they move, it allows a discovered 
check by the pawn). 

And since it looks also at protected squares, it detects some potential 
defense overloading. 

Finally, the rook contact checks had been removed some time ago. This 
test will give a small bonus for them, as well as for bishop contact 

Passed STC 
LLR: 2.94 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,5.00] 
Total: 13306 W: 2477 L: 2296 D: 8533 

and LTC 
LLR: 2.97 (-2.94,2.94) [0.00,5.00] 
Total: 20369 W: 2750 L: 2565 D: 15054 

bench: 9298175 


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