sobota, 14 listopada 2015

Stockfish 15111308 - nowa kompilacja od Marco Costalba

Stockfish - silnik szachowy UCI

Poprzednie wersje Stockfish 

Autor kompilacji - 
Marco Costalba

Informacje od autora:
Timestamp: 1447398839 

Fix broken UCI 'wait for stop' 

When we reach the maximum depth, we can finish the 
search without a raise of Signals.stop. However, if 
we are pondering or in an infinite search, the UCI 
protocol states that we shouldn't print the best move 
before the GUI sends a "stop" or "ponderhit" command. 

It was broken by lazy smp. Fix it by moving the stopping 
of the threads after waiting for GUI. 

No functional change. 


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