Stockfish 15100509 - ukazała się nowa kompilacja

Stockfish - silnik szachowy UCI

Poprzednie wersje Stockfish 

Autor kompilacji - Marco Costalba

Informacje od autora:
Run PVS-STUDIO analyzer 
Fix issues after a run of PVS-STUDIO analyzer. 
Mainly false positives but warnings are anyhow 
useful to point out not very readable code. 
Noteworthy is the memset() one, where PVS prefers ss-2 
instead of stack. This is because memeset() could 
be optimized away by the compiler when using 'stack', 
due to stack being a local variable no more used after 
memset. This should normally not happen, but when 
it happens it leads to very sublte and difficult 
to find bug, so better to be safe than sorry. 
No functional change. 


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