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Timestamp: 1465973740 

Don't insert pv back into tt 

This code was added before the accurate pv patch, when 
we retrieved PV directly from TT. 

It's not required for correct (and long) PVs any more and 
should be safe to remove it. 

Also, allowing helper threads to repeatedly over-write 
TT doesn't seem to make sense(that was probably an un-intended 
side-effect of lazy smp). Before Lazy SMP only Main Thread used 
to run ID loop and insert PV into TT. 

LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] 
Total: 74346 W: 13946 L: 13918 D: 46482 

LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-3.00,1.00] 
Total: 47265 W: 6531 L: 6447 D: 34287 

bench: 8819179