Isa 1.9.68 - nowa wersja silnika szachowego (dla Windows i Linux)

Isa - silnik szachowy pod winboard.
Działa doskonale w programie Arena.

Więcej o silniku (j. ang.): Isa is a chess engine I developp during my free time. Chess programming is my hobby since the 80's years. I started developing with QuickBasic 4.5 (I wrote a weak engine named Bishop) .

Then I learned the C langage and studed the TSCP source code (like everyone I think) .
« Titan » and « DCP » (DCP = Titan + winboard protocol) was born . Strengh was always so weak , around 1400 elo .
After that I rewrote again my engine and Jars came out (I released Jars) and then Yoda (both played around 1800-1900 elo.
After finding dificult to improve , I stopped working on both engines and started to work on Isa , a diferent way.
I started Isa from Firstchess.c source.

Autor - Daniel Anulliero

Ranking JCER=2030

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