Nowe wersje silników szachowych: asmFish 2017-07-04, mateFish 2017-07-04, CorChess 1.6 050717, Christine T


o CorChess:
 is a clone of Stockfish maintained for better performance on long time controls, trying at least partially to fill the gap between regular tests and demands of correspondence players.

These builds are currently around 8.5% faster than compiles.

Official releases of CorChess will be published once a year.
CorChess 1.0 is expected to be published in October 2017.

My main idea is to improve the following scalability of Stockfish 8.
I hope that CorChess will be:

 bad in blitz (5+0.05);
 solid in rapid (1500+15);
 monster in correspondence play.



Christine T - silnik szachowy UCI

Autorzy: Orlando Mouchel i Thomas Gaksch


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