Stockfish 16041708 - nowa wersja silnika szachowego

Stockfish - silnik szachowy UCI

Poprzednie wersje Stockfish 

Autor kompilacji -
Marco Costalba

Informacje o wersji:
Timestamp: 1460874573 

StateInfo is usually allocated on the stack by search() 

And passed in do_move(), this ensures maximum efficiency and speed and at the same time unlimited move numbers. 

The draw back is that to handle Position init we need to 
reserve a StateInfo inside Position itself and use at init time and when copying from another Position. 

After lazy SMP we don't need anymore this gimmick and we can get rid of this special case and always pass an external 
StateInfo to Position object. 

Also rewritten and simplified Position constructors. 

Verified it does not regress with a 3 threads SMP test: 
ELO: -0.00 +-12.7 (95%) LOS: 50.0% 
Total: 1000 W: 173 L: 173 D: 654 

No functional change. 


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